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Panarottis (Lekki)
Garlic or herb flatbread baked to perfection
Our famous waffle topped with cream or ice cream and drizzled with maple syrup
With or without olives Chonzo sausage. brown mushrooms and sautéed onions in a creamy tomato based sauce.
Crispy bacon, ham and brown mushrooms
Oven-roasted chicken, assorted peppers and koan mushrooms in a creambased Sauce
Traditional ground beef in a tomato based sauce
Mixed greens, cucumber, carrots peppers, onions and tomatoes
Garden salad with feta and Calamata olives.
Garden salad with bacon, mushrooms and roast chicken.
Spaghetti and meatbals in a tomato-base sauce with basil, oregano and garlic.
Crispy bacon, chorizo sausage, salami, onions and assorted peppers, sauteed and for bined in a creamy tomato- based sauce
Chicken breasts, sautéed with brown mushrooms, onions and assorted peppers, combined in a creamy sauce, served on a bed of fettuccine and layered with Cheddar cheese
Bacon, ham, chorizo sausage and bolognese mince, drizzled in our cheesy BBQ sauce.
salami. chonzo sausagebacon and ham
Our champion pizza! Salami ham, mushrooms, pineapple and Calamata Olives
Our famous Margherita covered in thinly sliced pepperoni.
Bolognese mince, tomatoes, assorted peppers, red onions and garlic
Bolognese mince, cherry tomato assorted peppers. red onions and garlic
Deboned pork ribs marinated in our sticky BBQ basting, roast chicken and cherry tomatoes
Roast chicken, bacon and ham, drizzled in our sweet chilli mayo.
Cherry tomatoes , onions, assorted peppers, mushrooms and pineapple
Roast chicken and mushrooms, drizzled in a sweet chilli mayo
Roast chicken. feta and sweet chilli sauce
Chicken and mayonnaise
Ham and mushroom
Ham and pineapple.
Traditional tomato and mozzarella cheese with Italian spices
Pepperoni/Saucy Meat Supreme/Salami & Chorizo
Spicy BBQ, sweet chilli mayo
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Panarottis (Lekki)

location icon De Lakes Mall, Admiralty Way, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos, Nigeria
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