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788 on the Sea
Deep fried chopped lobster, prawn mix, served on a bed of lettuce & vinaigrette dressing
Our inspired twist on the Busaba Ethai calamari
Tender and moist pieces of Chicken breast tossed in a sweet honey sauce
2 pieces of steamed seasoned oysters served with dill sauce
Thinly chopped prawns with mayonnaise, served on crunchy homemade garlic bread
Seasoned crab, deep-fried and served with a spicy ginger dipping sauce
Mashed sweet potatoes with chunky chicken, covered in breadcrumbs
Lightly spicy crab soup served with garlic bread
Atlantic fish cooked in its own juice, white wine served with garlic bread
Fresh salad mix with tomatoes, cucumber, olives, peppers, oregano & feta cheese, a mix of fish, prawns & squid with a Greek salad dressing
Crab cakes served with a mix of lettuce, tomatoes and pickle
Penne pasta with shrimps & chicken in a creamy sauce, served with mushrooms and greens
Linguine pasta with lobster, prawn's garlic, olive oil, spices and parsley
Spaghetti, squid & prawns in a choice of tomato, olive oil or pink sauce
Spaghetti with crabmeat, chili, white wine, lemon juice & olive oil served alongside a whole crab garnished with parmesan cheese.
Surf and turf pasta with prawns and fire grilled beef fillet tossed in red sauce
Tagliatelle pasta with pesto, a classic Italian sauce made with basil, nuts, oil, garlic and Parmesan cheese
Typical Italian pasta dish from Rome, made with eggs, parmesan cheese, bacon and black pepper
Penne pasta served with fresh mix vegetables in white creamy sauce
Crispy sole fish fillet drizzled with brown butter and infused lemon, parsley and capers. Served with choice side dish
Whole grilled Snapper served with baked potatoes and seasonal vegetables
Oysters, mussels, crab, prawns, clams and lobster served cold on a bed of ice
Grilled lobster, mussels, calamari, tiger prawn, crab, smothered with garlic herbs
Fabulous mix of prawns, shrimps, fish & mussels cooked slowly in saffron rice
Grilled prawns, croaker & calamari with lemon cream sauce, served with a preferred side of parsley mashed potatoes or herbed rice
Breaded fried fillet sole served with ratatouille & herbed rice
Grilled croaker fish served with sautéed potatoes, butter mushrooms, crispy parsley, green peas purée & herbed rice
Lemon and honey slow-cooked fillet snapper on a bed of steamed vegetables served with your preferred side
Grilled salmon fish sautéed with vegetables and honey chili sauce
24-hours marinated tender and juicy half grilled chicken. Served with roast potatoes and mixed vegetables
Slow cooked fall off the bone meat served with Penne Pasta
Grilled pork chops in a sweet & spicy garlic & ginger sauce Served with fried courgettes
Grilled pork chops served with cauliflower purée, seasoned with cucumber and carrots
Grilled beef fillet in a creamy, black peppercorn sauce. Served with 788 vegetables rice
Slices of Beef Fillet seasoned with Rosemary served with a side of hasselback Potatoes
Marinated grilled chicken breast stuffed with Parmesan cheese, vegetables & honey. Served with French fries or 788 vegetables rice
Roast lamb with gravy and seasonal vegetables, served with your preferred side

788 on the Sea

location icon 2nd Floor, Twin Waters, off Remi Olowude, Okunde Bluewater Zone, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos
phone icon +2349080077226, +2349080077221

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